Google spreadsheet


A google spreadsheet is an exel spreadsheet that is on google and you can share it with friends so they can edit it too.

We use this program to compare classes by shoe sizes, heights, stamps, sibling and primary schools.

Other ways we can use google spreadsheets are for work and maths.

Our class is the best because most come from Jamo (7E)

(: Term 4 Goals :)



Do my homework while I have plenty of time to complete it


To make sure I always have my book and work for class


To make sure I complete the planning stages on the work


To try to finish all the work


To practise my pronunciation

Physical Education:

To participate more in the class


To go through the work the night before a test


Complete all the set work on time

Visual Art:

To make sure I finish the work to the best I can do

Top tips for protecting yourself online


Make sure your profile is set on private

Only accept friend requests of people you know offline

Regularly search for yourself online

Do not join offensive online groups or like offensive content

Don’t post inappropriate content online

Do not take, accept or forward nude photos of people

Report fake profiles

Don’t take photos that people will be able to recognise details

Don’t post full names or personal information

Comic life


In Ilearn we made a comic of a fairy tale and mine was the boy who cried wolf. I edited it to the girl who cried wolf because i found better pictures of girls.

Identifying a reliable website


Now days many sites are unreliable but just as many are reliable and you can find them if you know where to look.

We can tell if a website is reliable by:

.Gov or .Edu organisations

How often it is updated

The Authors name

Spelling Errors

Facts and not opinions

Here is a website I think is reliable about the Moon landing

I think it is reliable because it has the authors name, no spelling errors and facts

And here is one I think is unreliable–Dmg&bvm=bv.50500085,d.dGI

I think it is unreliable because it is not a Gov or Edu website and has opinions


Cyber Safety


Cyber safety

How to protect yourself online: don’t agree to meet someone face to face that you meet online.

Your responsibilities online: don’t post pictures of your friends and family online without their permission because it can’t be deleted.

Multiple Intelligences Survey



I completed a survey said that my strengths are in order with the scores:

  1. Number and Music smart = 13 points each
  2. Person smart = 12 points
  3. Word and Myself smart = 11 points each
  4. Picture, Body and Nature smart = 8 points each

I agree with these results because I believe that I am good at Numbers and Music

The most interesting thing about this is that someone was able to make a test that had scores that are right or very close to what the person is good at.


Hints for effective Google searches


Today in ILearn i found out how to get a effective Google search.

3 hints

  1. Word order counts
  2. Puncuation does not matter
  3. If your search is two or more words put comers on the ends to help

Example of a bad search

If I want to find a picture of the blue sky

I type in sky blue

I will not find what I want because the order is wrong and sky blue is a colour.

FOOD Term 1


In our first food class we cooked some lovely dip in groups of four

I worked with Jasmine, Amber and Fiona.

In cooking on the 2 week we cooked some scrumptious rock cakes

I worked with Jasmine

In cooking on week 3 we cooked some egg salad with croutons by ourselves unfortunly i did not eat mine

In food on the 4 week of cooking we cooked devine mini quiches in pairs

I cooked with Josie

For food on week 5 we cooked a boat it had a toasted cheese sandwich base with toasted bread for sails and a celery mast and a carrot sun

In food week 6 we cooked some fantastic fried rice we had the chose of if we worked in pairs or by ourselves

I worked with Jen

For food we cooked fabulous shepards pie in pairs for week 7

I worked with Jen

The mashed potato should be soft and easy to spread on the top of the shepards pie but unfortunally mine was a bit lumpy and not at all smooth in the end my shepards pie looked a bit odd because it had a orange lid due to using sweet potatos

The last thing we cooked in term 1 was apple crumble and custard. It was delicous.

I worked with Danielle